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Folk architecture sites, Čičmany

This invaluable national historical locale was declared a folk architecture heritage site in 1977. The log houses with white geometric ornaments are situated at the lower end of the village. The Radenov House and House No 42 feature an exhibition documenting the daily life of the village residents and how they celebrated special occasions, their family customs, and the dwellings of the ‘complex family’ that was typical of Čičmany until the early 20th century. Don’t miss a visit to the baroque church dedicated to the Discovery of the Holy Cross. The church was built on the foundations of an older structure, which was likely a belfry with a chapel as evidenced by a written account of a bell from 1588. Of the original elements, the main altar (1798) has been preserved. In the past, Čičmany attracted the interest of prominent figures such as Karol Plicka and Dušan Jurkovič. Today, the Čičmany ornaments grace the uniforms of Slovakia’s Olympic Team. Every September, the town hosts a national gathering of fujara (overtone flute) players. Tourists can brave the climb up Strážov hill (elevation 1,213 m), while skiers can take on the slopes of the Javorinka ski resort. You can also admire the sensitively restored manor house built in the baroque-classicism style of the late 18th century. Its last owner was Count Leopold Berchtold, who served as Austria-Hungary’s foreign minister. It is currently used as a guest house with a restaurant.

Did you know?

The ornamental decoration of houses was originally intended to protect wood from inclement weather using lime paint.


The folk architecture houses, Čičmany, Čičmany 137

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