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Town Museum and Town Hall, Rajec

The Town Museum is situated on the main square in the former brewery building and features two exhibitions: national history and natural sciences. The national history exhibition provides evidence that historically, the town of Rajec was much more important than Žilina and that it was a town with market privileges, a town of craftsmen. In the 18th century, Rajec became famous throughout Europe for producing a material called rajčovina (cordwain leather) used for making leather shoes called kordovánky. A 16th-century Renaissance town hall is situated in the centre of the main square, with open arcades that in the past served as a marketplace, while the upper floor housed the administrative premises of the town hall.

Your visit to Rajec should include the Church of St Ladislaus, situated off the town square in the oldest, south-eastern part of the town at the foot of the cemetery hill. The first mention of the church dates from 1368 and its altar painting is one of its most precious and oldest historical artefacts. An oil painting by Jozef Zanussi from 1777 depicts King Ladislaus kneeling in front of the Holy Mother. There is a restored 1770 sundial on the southern side of the church, with an inscription in Latin that translates to: “I count the bright hours only”.

Did you know?

The Renaissance museum building is a typical example of 17th century architecture. It is a type of craftsman’s house set back from the edge of the street to provide room for carriages.


Town Museum, Námestie SNP 15, Rajec

Tel.: +421 945 445 590

E-mail: muzeum.rajec@rajec.sk   Web page: www.rajec.info




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